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San Diego Adult Baseball League

Charity for Kids!


2023 Important Dates and Information




About Us


The Specific Purpose of the San Diego Adult Baseball League Charity4Kids (SDABLC4K) is (a) to promote school age children's engagement in sports and healthy lifestyles by providing sports equipment and related items to schools and sports organizations, (b) to promote school age children's engagement in school and academics by providing supplies and other needed items to schools, and (c) to promote senior adult's engagement in sports, health, fitness, and wellness by organizing and providing access to participation in team baseball.

Our senior baseball program will offer all adults between the ages of 45 and 70 the opportunity to engage in the sport they love through a venue of exercise and fitness.

As a brief overview the SDABL Charity4Kids will provide two seasons of weekend schedule baseball complete with good fields, umpires and a starter kit of baseballs.

All senior teams will have the opportunity to compete for championships and individual awards.

Helping children and senior adults achieve a better life through sports such as baseball is our charity’s goal and focal point. In December of 2021 we received our approval and 501(c)(3) designation.

The average per player cost $175-$200 /season (about $15 /game). If you are not already on a team but wish to be so, register as a Free Agent on this site and you will be invited to Tryouts for an opportunity to join a senior team.

Playing real baseball and giving to children in need…is there much that could be better?

We at the San Diego Adult Baseball League Charity4Kids don’t think so

Please help us make this a reality.

Best Wishes,                                                                                  

SDABL Charity4Kids Board of Directors